Welcome to the online home of Biante Model Cars.

Our website has been designed with the passionate automotive enthusiast and collector in mind. It’s an online store and your very own information hub for all things model cars and collecting. You can find out more about model cars and how they’re built or what models we have produced in the past by visiting our Customer Service section. You can Pre-Order exciting products coming soon and of course you can see what we currently have in stock by checking out our store. Then there’s the added benefits of joining our Collectors Club for great deals, following our social networks, newsletters and the news feed in this website so you’re never out of the loop with all of the exciting things happening in the world of Biante Model Cars.

That’s probably enough about our website. We hope you will check everything out and make good use of it, but what about the people behind Biante and the passion that drives us?

When I introduce myself to non-collectors, it's easy to be simplistic and simply say that I just run a model car company - but its far more than that. I run a business like no other. I run a business with a group a individuals that create something very special.

We ignite passion.

Whether it be for a long lost car, your fathers pride and joy, your favourite driver crushing the opposition on Mount Panorama in the Great Race or maybe a reminder of where you were "created" in the case of a 70's Sandman, everything we do has a reason - a purpose - a passion.

I'm very pleased to be able to say that all of the staff at Biante arrive at work each day excited by the prospect of bringing this passion to you. We have brought together a very specialised group of individuals, all of whom have different passions, but all to do with cars. One has a small collection of 90's HSV's. Another has his passion in modern Japanese examples. And one even has a Mini, but we try not to hold that against him! And then there's me - Who would still be having a red hot go in a race car if it wasn't for his day job (and limited budget!!)

So each of us offers something different to the mix, which hopefully is reflected in the products we produce, and the detail which comes from it.

So next time you admire your latest model purchase, or show it off to your friends and family, rest assured that the team that produced it for you shares your passion.

I hope you enjoy our product, and it helps ignite your passion for all things Automotive.

William Hall
General Manager
Biante Model Cars.